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BMW 1 Series | MySpin: Australian cars community
Color: Matte Brushed Blue Chrome
HP/kW: 306
Engine size: 2979
Weight: 1530
Torque: 400
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Time for a New rear tiyers :)

Rear one gone ...  a few month without tracktion control, spped up the process. 

Electric water pump - thx BMW.

Looks like time to replace. Its just died.  Cost  me aroun 250$

BMW E88 135 cold start problem.

Recently in the morning when the weather was cold and humid, i found that the cold start on my BMW 135i was not as good as usual. The engine has been...

Galaxy Nissan GTR

Already famous in internet and become a trend - galaxy print by Exclusive wraps Australia .  Guys doing really good job, if you are from QLD  and you...

Blue chrome Maserati.

... Looks stunning, and a nice pictures as well. Looks like guys from know what they doing.

Red chrome GTR

All chrome cars are special, for example here is probably first red chrome in Aus by   Guys did a good job on this GTR.

Not Bad ! Ultimate Car Wraps from VIC

Really nice design , shows what's possible to do with vinyl.

Stunning wrap from Wrap My Ride

Really suit this VW

One of the best Aus drifft car

 Guys from Killer image , doing a lot of drift cars, but this is the best so far. If the design was done in house guys did brilliant job. 

Killer image

Looks like guy know what they are doing.

Injen intake in BMW 135

Decided to swop OEM intake to this one.  Good quality and affodable price. What about sound, im not a big fan but most people would like it. $280 + 1...

Broken pulley.

My belt have been broken 3rd time for a last half a year, and hope i found the poblem. Pulley + belt $198 from BMW Sydney.

Wrap my Ride

One of the best designs .... 

Guys from Wrap my ride

Top shelf wrap  from top guys. find them :

Paint protection film on the bonnet

Decided to cover carbon bonett in ppf. hope will last longer. Here is couple of pictures.

Have main brands and high quality , big variety of shipping : My personal choice :

Interior trimming

Center concole and part of the dash in black alcantara with red stitching.

2-Piece Brake Rotors

Fit 2-Piece Brake Rotors fromECS tuning. Looks solid and havy.