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Autotech Engineering Pty Ltd specialise in servicing vehicle, modifying and upgrading vehicles. We have an excellent reputation in Dyno tuning. We are also leaders in engine rebuilds. Autotech has been in business for 21 years. Spiro Papadimatos started his business at the ripe age of 23 where he began to carve himself a reputation that has kept him in business for two decades and has one of Sydney’s leading workshops. While working on his own he came to the conclusion that he needed staff to keep up to his demand. With the ever increasing workload came a need for more specialised equipment, and in 1995 we took delivery of a state of the art Dyno Dynamics 4WD Dyno, the only one of its type in NSW at the time. As computer technology played an ever increasing role in the operation of the modern motor vehicle, Autotech had to move with the times with purchasing sophisticated equipment to keep abreast of this growing technology.


Address: 18 20 George Street Granville NSW
Website: http://autotechengineering.com.au/
Phone number 02 9897 1378
Email: sales@autotechengineering.com.au

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