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Built To Order specialises in providing quality products from desirable manufacturers around the world. We have a number premium brands available to suit different needs and budgets. Our main market revolves around the distribution of premium branded wheels. We are also authorised suppliers of air suspension kits and management systems. For more information, drop us an e-mail via our contact form, or simply send your enquiry through to sales@builttoorder.co Official Wheel Distributors: - Rotiform - VIP Modular - RSV Forged Bodykit Suppliers - Rocket Bunny - LB Walk Airbag Supplier - Air Lift Performance


Website: http://www.builttoorder.co
Phone number +61 434 288 197
Email: sales@builttoorder.co

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All black & all business!

This is the RSV Forged RXV S|2 wheel, a unique twisted open face design that grabs people's attention while showing off big brakes. The use of satin &...

One of the unveiling cars at Fitted Friday

Built To Order is all about helping their customers to achieve the vision they have in their mind no matter if it is wheels, a wide body kit or an overall...

Matt’s killer Toyota FT86

After posting the wheel yesterday we had to follow up with a fitment pic of Matt’s killer Toyota FT86. The RSV Forged R1 Retro wheel is a brand new...

Wheels in the RSV Forged range

This wheel is a world first & has made it's way to Australia to break necks! This is the RSV Forged R1 from the Retro series, a new series to celebrate...