BMW 3 Series (F30): operating experience

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BMW 3 Series (F30): operating experienceField Experience

One of the first issues of the BMW 3 Series F30 is rattling of the number plate on the trunk compartment.

Cover of the shelf located under the rear window rattles as well.

Seat belts rub against the automatic transmission console and produce an unpleasant sound. After it was covered with leather, the sound stopped.

The BMW 3 Series F30 fuel tank is too small. Why can’t they do it at least 80 liters large? There’s tons of room under the bottom. It would be very convenient for long-distance trips.

There’s no spare wheel or even a place for it.

The seats do not have an advanced side support, so at times, when driving fast, you have to hold the wheel tighter. It’s better to buy sport seats, if possible, as it is more of a necessity, rather than an option with this vehicle.

SENSOTEC seat upholstery is not very pleasant to the touch, fairly easily soiled (everything leaves marks on it), doesn’t look, like leather, and causes discomfort, while not much.

Glass holder in the central console or rather its removable cap is also an issue. In order to take the cap off, you have to do your best and then find a place, where to put it. I will also add here the door pockets almost without inner pile upholstery.

Rear seat backs can only be folded up from the trunk. There’s no button for opening the trunk in the saloon.

The robot in the comfort mode works a bit faster, comparing to Audi or Mercedes, but these German “reveries” are really irritating. Sport mode or manual gear box solve the issue.

Door sealant always comes off. There’s also very little noise insulation on the arches. Headlights get covered with small cracks rather quickly, which makes them look, like they’re covered in web.

The vehicle’s paintwork is very weak and easily scratched.

Everything within the saloon makes a cracking sound.

The engine doesn’t sound highbred at all. Until the vehicle runs 3,500 km, you can’t hear it at all inside the car. It’s somewhere out there, far away, and then it starts showing its squeaky notes.

You can hear the noise, when riding over a damp road and when it rains.

Water gets accumulated in the door or right in the rubber sealant and the glass becomes dirty after you lower and then raise it.

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