Toyota Camry XV50: operating experience

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Toyota Camry XV50: operating experienceField Experience

In general, the vehicle is well made and there are almost no breakdowns. In 99% of Toyotas, breakdowns occur after they run 100,000 km.

With Toyota Camry XV50 there’s a problem with hood corrosion. There’s a technology breach in the preparation or the painting itself. However, it’s not an all-encompassing happening.

There is also a problem with the driver’s seat slumping. However, the manufacturer provides a replacement according to the warranty. Also, the driver’s seat goes to pieces rather quickly, with yellow foam pieces falling out and seams tearing.

The hood is humpy and is rather successful at catching rocks. Consider applying a protective film onto it.

The cloth saloon is of low quality. With a 30,000 km mileage, driver’s and front passenger’s seats have lots of threads showing and are also glossy.

The Toyota Camry V50 has very weak noise insulation.

The rear part is very unstable at high-speed turns. At high speeds, the vehicle doesn’t keep the road well.

Toyota Camry XV50: operating experienceFrom the passenger’s side, a squeaking appears in the area of the side mirror. The problem is easily solved by sticking the mirror’s junctions.

Because of electroadjustment of backseats, you can’t fold the rear sofa up.

At times, you may run across a windshield defect: three long lines in the driver’s zone that look like a trace left by the washers.

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