Volkswagen Golf MK7: operating experience

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Volkswagen Golf MK7: operating experience

Field Experience

There are several issues with Volkswagen Golf MK7 that you should consider.

First of all, the door is leaking. The 7th Golf doesn’t have sealing rubbers glued on, like on most cars, but instead has them mounted on clips. One lower clip just got lost somewhere, and the second one simply broke off. Because of this, the rubber sagged, which ultimately caused the door leak.

There have also been complaints about sharp hitches of the gear box. The dealer upgraded the firmware and made some adjustments. As a result, the car started to switch softer. Previously, when the vehicle was stopping, while in the sport mode, the gears dropped in hitches, but now we don’t even feel them dropping.

After 1-1.5 hours of driving, you may hear squeaking, if AutoHold is turned on.

There is a problem with the windscreen wipers. The driver’s wiper misses its mark and, when cleaning water with dirt, doesn’t move it to the windshield’s edge, but instead leaves it at about 3 cm from the edge, so you often need to get out and clean this line with a napkin.

There’s also some twitching on the DSG box between the first and second transmissions.

There’s almost no noise insulation in the doors. So, you will have to set it up yourself.

When starting at the first transmission, the back shelf starts rumbling. It also rumbles, when you drive at low speed on uneven road.

Observability is good, but not perfect. The first thing that impedes is the side column. At a 90-degree turn, you can’t see anything because of it. You have to look either through the side window or stick your head into the windshield.

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