Mazda CX5: operating experience

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Mazda CX5: operating experienceMost common issues with Mazda CX-5 that occur on numerous occasions include (in order of appearance):

  1. Rattling that appears in the place of dashboard installation during movement on uneven road. In this case, you should simply tighten the windshield frame mounting bolts under the hood (during manufacturing on the factory, bolt tightening wasn’t sufficient);
  2. Minor rattling sound in the place of installation of the inner handle on the luggage compartment door. This occurs because of a small gap between the handle and luggage compartment’s door lining, which may lead to the appearance of minor rattling sound during movement on uneven road. This is easily solved by gluing a sealant on inner handle sides;
  3. Due to an insufficient amount of sealing applied onto the inner side of the hood, it starts vibrating during car’s movement at a speed over 110 km/hr. This is solved with an additional sealant layer;
  4. As a result of low electrolyte density of the accumulator battery, i-stop system doesn’t work. The dealer has been charging the battery and upgrading i-stop system firmware (system’s response level was lowered to Soc 65%);
    Distortion of symbols displayed in the quick dial window. The head unit was replaced with the same one, but with the issue fixed. We didn’t just upgrade its framework, we completely replaced it!
  5. Since water was getting inside the rear view camera (generally, during car wash under high pressure), the camera was replaced with a modified one;
  6. Gradual spontaneous lowering of the driver’s seat (on vehicles with manual seat regulation). The entire carcass of the driver’s seat along with the height regulation mechanism were replaced;
  7. Alteration of the external rear-view mirror casing’s color. That is, upper half of uncolored plastic, to which the external rear-view mirror is attached, began to lose color, revealing whitish of the fiberglass that was showing through the plastic. The casing was replaced with a new one that has had a changed plastic composition;
  8. On some vehicles, in the front suspension strut bearing’s fitting position, you may hear rattling during movement on uneven road and/or upon turning of the steering wheel on a stationary vehicle that was caused by the damaging of the bearing. The material and method of production of the front suspension strut bearing were changed;
  9. When the vehicle is moving with a window lowered at 1-10 cm from a completely shut position, in some cases a rattle can appear in the spot of its installation. The form of the glass sealant was changed;
  10. Squeaking that appears in the dashboard’s fitting position during movement on uneven road. Dashboard squeaks in the spot of contact with the windshield (just on certain vehicles manufactured from May to August 2012). You should preliminarily take off the windshield and add the sealant that wasn’t added during factory mounting in three contact points between the dashboard and the windshield.
  11. Due to insufficient hardness of mirror’s bottom, external rear-view mirror was vibrating during movement at a high speed. Mirror’s fastening was reinforced and its liner was replaced;
  12. Foreign sound in the steering rack’s placement location on turning of the steering wheel to the right or left. It’s been occurring because of tangency of mounting bolt’s washer with the steering gear’s housing. In order to fix this, we have changed the bolt and the washer with the modified ones;
  13. In the front lower part of certain vehicles, when they started moving and the steering wheel was completely driven out to the left, we could hear a foreign noise. This was occurring due to the fact that the edge of ball joint of the control arm from the driver’s side was brushing against the steering gear’s housing. We changed the shape of the control arm ball joint’s edge.
  14. Front break gears developed a vibration. In order to fix this, we modified the brake blocks.
    Head multimedia device (with an SMS reading function) on vehicles released since 2013 always starts playing from first tracks (doesn’t memorize the place or number of a track). There are a few more of the minor issues with the device.

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