Mitsubishi Triton (4th generation): operating experience

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Field Experience

Mitsubishi Triton (4th generation): operating experienceThe new Mitsubishi Triton is an everyday car that perfectly fits family trips and journeys, cargo transportation, etc.

At a mileage of 60,000 km the car’s right and left CV joint’s dust boots broke down.

The balance belt tore down. This breakage showed itself through increased vibrations on idle speed and whistling on high speed.

Factory protection is originally weak. It was replaced with a “DZK” protection. The set includes 5 layers (radiator, case, gearbox, transfer case, and petrol tank).

There’s no cabin filter in the new Mitsubishi Triton model. There’s a slot for it though, but the filter itself isn’t installed due to some reason.

After the first oil change the engine started to work quieter.

Mitsubishi Triton (4th generation): operating experienceWhen we were driving on soil road, there was some rattle in the left wheel and it got more frequent one month later. The rack is also rattling and it’s a disaster. There’s no sense in fixing this.

Over time, rattling and vibration develop in the car. The bearing in the generator’s tension roller went to pieces.

At a speed a bit higher, than 100 km/hr, you can hear whipping of the steering wheel that passes at just 110-115 km/hr.

Driver’s seat squeaks and rattles.

EGR check turned on. Valve washing didn’t help. After we washed the engine, it released a lot of smoke black. This is how the check was eliminated.

Iron clank appeared at one point. Inspection revealed that a spring sheet cracked.

You may notice bouncing on 4th and 5th transmissions. Everything ends with foot-throttle cutoff. Some vehicles have a defective camshaft sensor installed on them.

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