Ford Ranger (3rd generation): operating experience

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Ford Ranger (3rd generation): operating experienceField Experience

The new Ford Ranger has very wide gaps in the standard radiator mesh, allowing flies and rocks effortlessly get into the radiator.

Engine check and anti-skid show periodical, but inconstant errors. Diagnostics showed turbine replacement.

The spacing doesn’t match the doors, so you’ll have to readjust them.

Ceiling handles don’t have closers and because of this the sound is so loud that you may think at first that something has just burst.

When you block window raisers, the blocking also affects driver’s buttons. This is very uncomfortable.

We found rust under the front passenger’s seat. On a new car!

At a mileage of 6,000 km, the lip’s paint peeled off. It swelled and then came off completely.

After 60 km/hr, electronics starts steering a bit on its own. At a greater speed you can easily turn the car over.

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