Hyundai i30 (2d generation): operating experience

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Hyundai i30 (2d generation): operating experienceField experience

Driver’s seat starts squeaking over time. If you stand up and try pressing it with hands, there’s nothing.

You can notice this happening, when the weather is damp. The foam squeaks because of moisture. You may turn on seat heating and the squeaking will go away.

The second reason for seat squeaking is spring’s seat fastening. Koreans made them very sharp and they just cut through everything over quite a short time.

There’s also an issue with the back shelf rattling. The problem is that between the rubber props and the shelf there was a 3 mm gap, so the shelf had enough room for movement. Consider gluing pieces of a door sealant onto the rubber props. This way the shelf will rest right against them and has no room to jump. Secondly, it’s the hinges, onto which the shelf is mounted. Over time, a small gap had developed between the shelf slot and the hinge. If you add one and a half coils of duct tape eliminates the noise.

There are several complaints concerning steering wheel’s finish. It seriously wears down over time, especially if you wear jewelry on your hands, such as rings or bracelets.

You can hear damper flops, when it cools down. It’s not bad for the car, but if these sounds are lengthy and unpleasant, you should replace the damper.

One of Hyundai i30’s main problems is chrome-plated molding. The manufacturer majorly messed up with the gluing material.

In general, the car is quiet and comfortable, but sometimes the noise of back arches is louder, than usual. The solution is noise-insulating them. Everything else is quite normal.

At the very beginning of its movement, the brake pedal is too lightweight and non-informative. You will have to get used to this.

Now, let’s take a look at the rear view salon mirror. When you switch the mirror to night mode and back, it changes its initial position. It’s not critical, but nevertheless.

The doors have to be shut with a slight effort. In order for the doors to shut properly, there are valves behind the back bumper. The don’t manage releasing enough air. This is why the last door doesn’t shut properly.

Now, speaking of the headlight washer’s work, there are a few matters to address as well. If lower beam is turned on, the washer sprinkles both on the windshield and headlights. It doesn’t touch the headlights with parking lights or turned off lights.

In case deflectors start whistling, you should check the air filter of both the salon and the engine, as it might have gotten clogged up. You’ll have to take the filter out, blow it through, and put it back. After you do this, the whistling will disappear.

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