Ford Mondeo MC 2007-2013: Used Car Review

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Ford Mondeo MC 2007-2013: Used Car ReviewField experience

Windshield on Ford Mondeo IV is very soft. It doesn’t react well to either small or big rocks. They leave chips immediately on contact. It is recommended to change windscreen brushes frequently. Lengthy use of the same brushes may lead to grazes on the glass.

On the higher end Titanium trim, the windshield is heated, and has an IR coating. While great for cold and snowy climates, this proves an issue when attaching a GPS or a e-toll tag, as the signals cannot go through. Ford does provide a communications section of the window, which is the black dot matrix part that surrounds the interior rear view mirror. Attaching a e-toll tag there helps it pass through the windshield, while attaching a GPS unit to the bottom corner of the windshield on the drivers side is best when trying to send and/or receive a signal.

Suspension on Ford Mondeo IV is excellent. It soaks up bumps and road imperfections fantastically, while also being engaging and fun to drive around twist bends, much better than the others in this class. That said, the suspension sometimes does get a bit fidgety over serious broken pavement, and the sports suspension found in the Titanium models are much firmer, however, it could never be labelled as uncomfortable

The trunk of the Mondeo has gained a reputation for being able to carry long, large items. however, some vehicles suffer from bad rubber seals, which often allows little bits of water to enter the trunk space. While this may be fixed with the refitment of brand new rubber seals, it still remains a problem. Make sure that there is no evidence of water leaking when checking out a Mondeo.

PowerShift gear box behaves poorly in traffic jams. When it was first released, the PowerShift gearbox was seen as something of a luxury. An efficent, dual clutch automatic gearbox, the same found on high end luxury cars that were triple the price, was available on an affordable family car. After a couple of years however, the PowerShift, or to call it by it's rather crude nickname, PowerSh*t, became the centre of a major headache for Ford. When the vehicle was first bought by customers, they were not made aware of how rigid the servicing schedule needed to be ahered to. Many owners neglected to take it in for the major 60,000km service, which is when problems started to develop. While legal action has been taken on behalf of owners of the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta, there hasn't been much noise in the direction of Mondeo owners. This problem does affect Mondeo owners just as badly as owners of the Focus and Fiesta, however you would be hard pressed to find any Mondeo reference online. Just know that Ford does acknowledge the existence of the problem in the Mondeo also, and you may be entitled to a replacement gearbox. In keeping with the gearbox, the ones that do not suffer from failure, are also knwon to be jerky and unrefined at low speeds. While highway speeds are fantastic, driving around town proves to be a bit tricky, as the gearbox's tendencies to lurch, coupled with the low down turbo lag, makes it a rather difficult car to manage. Ford does offer a remap of the engine software, which is said to have improved its ability around town, and is defintely something reccomended by other Mondeo owners. At the end of the day, ensure that the Mondeo you purchase has a complete, fully authorised logbook and history. It wouldn't also hurt to take it in to get a service and a flush of the transmission.

The air conditioner, while fantastic, is not without its issues. Condensation is known to drop on the passenger’s carpet, and after two days’ time, the place under the carpet can gets wet as well, which may cause mould that is extremely difficult to get rid of. Insufficient plug sealing is a common problem, but can be easily fixed, as parts are readily available

One thing that we did note with the headlights, was the change over from the pre-facelifted version's Bi-Xenon HID headlights to standard halogen HID headlights. This isn't a major issue, and there is nothing wrong with the bulbs themselves, however many preferred the whiter, brighter look of the pre-facelifts lighting. This cna easily be fixed with a simple bulb switch.


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Aaron 1 year ago

Another issue with the trunk is that sometimes it can leak. I see this often with my car after I've washed it. When it rains, it's sometimes fine, but when having water blasted directly around the hatch area, some can leak into the trunk compartment. Another issue is the Radar Cruise Control. When slowing down, it often does it in stages, and so the car often lurches as the brakes are applied. The same is with acceleration, as the car accelerates slowly at first, before shifting up and the flooring it up to the set speed. The wheels are also easily curbed, as the alloys stick out a little bit further than the tyre, leading to scratches. The turbo lag is also an issue. Trying to get up to speed from a standstill, or if you're in stop start traffic, can be a hassle. I've often been caught out where I've pushed the pedal flat to the floor and the turbo has taken a second to spool up, before the car lurches forward.