Ford Mondeo IV: operating experience

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Ford Mondeo IV: operating experienceField experience

Windshield on Ford Mondeo IV is very soft. It doesn’t react well to either small or big rocks. They leave chips immediately on contact. It is recommended to change windscreen brushes frequently. Lengthy use of the same brushes may lead to grazes on the glass.

Suspension on Ford Mondeo IV isn’t too power-hungry. It can get broken through at high speed on asphalt with deep cracks and holes. This shortcoming is easily avoided by speed reduction.

The boot’s arch isn’t thought out well. It is very inconvenient to load large things into it.

PowerShift gear box behaves poorly in traffic jams. When going forward with the released gas pedal, the car starts twitching. During traffic jams, at some point, the gear box starts tossing between first and second transmission back and forth.

During the work of the air conditioner, condensate drops start appearing on first passenger’s carpet. In two days’ time, the place under the carpet gets wet as well, which may cause mould that is extremely difficult to get rid of. Insufficient plug sealing is a common problem.

Computer display frequently shows wrong outside temperature.

Lower beam turns on automatically upon starting. Xenon headlights burns out in 3 years.

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