Toyota Hilux (7th generation): operating experience.

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Toyota Hilux (7th generation): operating experience.

Field Experience

At a mileage of about 80,000 km the car starts breaking down and the breakages get more and more serious. Some of the most common issues include:

  1. Front axle’s gland replacement (3 times: at 45,000, 70,000, and 72,000 km);
  2. Standard head unit replacement (for a standard one, as well);
  3. We’ve had 7 maintenances;
  4. Front brake blocks’ replacement (at 61,000 km);
  5. Right absorber replacement (at 61,000 km);
  6. We’ve ordered a complete steering column;
  7. Miscellaneous sundries.

Front axle’s gland is a chronic disease here. It will continuously leak at a mileage up to 100,000 km. Deep water immersion can accelerate the process. When you ride in deep water, it always gets into the axles through the bleeders.

There can also be squeaking, when you press the clutch pedal. If you floor the pedal, the sound resembles whistling or creaking, but not every time, perhaps every other time. If the sound comes from the side of the box, most probably it’s because of the clutch bearing.

Number plate frame gets torn off quite often when driving on the off road.

If the car starts consuming more fuel, this means it’s necessary to change the air filter.

Since the bumper is made of plastic, it’s better to make a shield for the SUV. There’s nothing difficult in this task, especially if you have a hoist. It is attached to standard spots, according to the pointers.

As the standard Toyota Hilux gitter has rather wide slots, there’s always a risk of damaging the radiator with small rocks and of clogging it up with insects and leaves. In order to protect the radiator and intercooler from debris, it’s necessary to install fine metal grid on all the filters.

When the weather is dry, the springs creak. This problem is easily removed by treating them with graphite lubricant. You should spray it onto springs from both sides (don’t forget to thoroughly wash them and blow them through before this, if you have an opportunity).

Spacers are a common issue as well. The maximum diameter is 20 mm, otherwise you will have to remake the suspension. But, this won’t change the tyre size drastically. If you’re thinking of size 33 and bigger, then it’s better and more technological to lift the suspension.

Chips are easily tinted with an original marker. You may buy it both from a dealer and the Internet.

Owners of white Toyota Hilux are the luckiest ones in this matter. White paint is simple to taint and cover almost any signs of chips. You can barely see them, only if you stare at them.

It is recommended to turn on four-wheel drive, when it’s difficult to get a move on, on a slippery road at low speed, when it’s difficult to move on rear drive, or when the vehicle gets completely stuck. When driving on the asphalt, the entire transmission gets an enormous load. This doesn’t mean that the gears, axle shafts, or gear box will break, but wear and load will essentially increase.

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