The best new BMW 7 guide

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Full technology review for new 7 series.

The Company BMW is getting into the battle for the most demandingcustomers, who are not looking at a car if it's shorter than five meters. The New 7 series represented on the 10th of July in Munich, with a new platform containing Carbon fibre parts. We have visited the presentation to understand, how else the 6th generation of BMWs 7 series will intrigue new customers.

What's new in the 7 series?
Almost everything. The 6th generation of BMW 7 series will be based on a module platform CLAR – the new name of the architecture concept which will be used in all new BMWs with rear wheel drive. Not bad already. But this is only the beginning.

The best new BMW 7 guide

The carbon core will be used on this series for the first time. It is a mix between high quality steel and carbon fibre and aluminium and fibreglass. The carbon has been used into pillars, roof and floor. The separation between the cabin and the boot is carbon as well. All of this helps to reduce the weight by 40 kg; in total the new 7 series is lighter that the previous 750Li by 130 kg.

The best new BMW 7 guide

The carbon fibre helps to lower the centre of mass and increases the body structure,which has a positive effect on drivability, driving behaviour, and comfort: people from BMW claim that the main goal was an ultimate balance between dynamics and comfort. That's why it is necessary to create a platform and not just a modified body.

Almost. On paper the suspension stays as it is: lightweight double-joint spring strut at the front , and five arms at the rear. All joints are made from aluminium and lightened which allows a reducedunstrung mass up to 15%.
But the main innovation is that the all new BMW 7 series will be equipped with pneumatic suspension with electronic adjustments. Also as a standard it will have turning rear wheels with a 3 degree turning radius. It makes better maneuverability on a low speed and stability on a high speed.

The best new BMW 7 guide

This is not all. For an additional payment you can get the electronic stabilisation system with electro locks instead of hydraulics, also the smart suspension with “eyes” which can predict and adjust suspension according to the conditions in front of the car. Using the stereoscopic camera , electronics can read the surface in front of you and tighten or release the suspension. Using the navigation system, the car can see what kind of roads are on the way to their destination and set suspension according to the path.
We are not mentioning the sound isolation, the aerodynamics and many other things – all of it was upgraded too. When you are doing 120 km/h you can barely hear the engine. No wind, no tyre noise, none of it gets inside.

The best new BMW 7 guide

Hmm… What else is new?
For example; engines. The new line of straight six cylinder engines are a new improved design and it is called the B series. This series has been already presented on BMW 2 and 3 series, in addition all new rear wheel drive cars will be equippedwith these new engines. . At the start, the seven series will be equipped with three litre diesel ( 265 hp, 620Nm ), which will be as rear or four wheel drive. Version 740i with new petrol straight six turbo ( 326hp, 450Nm ) – will reach 100 km/h with 5.5 sec.
Top shelf model, the 750i got upgraded with twin turbo v8 4.4L (450 Hp, 650 Nm) , and makes 100km/h in 4.4 seconds.

The best new BMW 7 guide
The best new BMW 7 guide
The best new BMW 7 guide


In the new year the BMW Hybrid 740ewill be available, with 258hp two litre turbo engine and 95hp electro engine. If you are just using the electric engine the BMW can do 40km, but the petrol usage will be around 2.1 litres per 100 km.
In 2016 the most powerful BMW 7 will premier, most likely with an upgraded V12, however no more information is available so far engine wise.

The ZF gearbox was renewed. Now it will have longer gears and it can adapt not only to the driver, but also to the road in front of the car. The gearbox has also become lighter and more efficient.
And is this it with what new BMW will try to challenge the S-class? Is it enough?
Nope. This was just casual options. The main power of the new BMW will be in technology and comfort.

Please take a notepad and start to write.
Let's start from the outside: “seven” will have new LED headlights on every model and as a additional option the laser lights which so far were installed only on i8. These lights can illuminate 600m of the road in front and do not blind the other drivers – by using the sensors which can recognise other vehicles in the distance

The best new BMW 7 guide

The next feature is new generation adaptive cruise control, which not only will drive in traffic instead of you, but will steer and keep the lane for you. Yes, yes we know that even Skoda has these options but this is still cool.
Furthermore BMW have something special, that nobody have so far, even Skoda, has.
It is full automatic parking. You do not need to be in the car, you can use a key for this. Just get out from the car, press the button on the high end sensor key and car will park itself without you. It is fantastic to watch how the BMW drives into the right spot and turns off the engine.
In addition to everything above, there are countless cameras and 360 view, night vision, a obstruction highlighter, a new generation multi media complex ConnectedDrive. That last bit being one seriously cool thing.
At first, there is a huge sensor display in the middle of console, which you can control by using I-Drive or a touchscreen. Also you can use gestures; over the selector is a special area that recognises the hand motion in the air.
Using just simple motions you can accept or decline phone calls, regulate the volume and other motions which you can designate for any other option.
The block of climate control is partially touchscreen as well: to set up a temperature you still have to use a buttons (for good reason too, you can adjust it much quicker), but to regulate the power of the fan and direction there are virtual buttons beautifully displayed on the panel. They look amazing and the reaction time speed is similar to the iPhone, which can be used in gloves as well.
There is one more interesting device placed at the back, in the rear seat arm rest; there is a BMW tablet which can be used to adjust seats, a climate control, music, navigation, car information or using for the Internet. This tablet is not really a totally exclusive BMW tablet; it is technically Samsung in a special case with a special charger and bigger battery. It is really convenient, because the tablet is very versatile. It can be used for games, or for Internet browsing. The Internet can be access through the built-in WiFi router within the BMW (the car has constant internet connection though the LTE system).
If somebody does not remember; BMW stated their new concept the ConnectedDrive a few years ago, to equip their cars with a built in SIM card with unlimited Internet access worldwide. However for this model and the fifth series this will be an extra option. For the fresh BMW seven series, for owners this option will be completely free besides the personal operator, who will book a hotel or a flight or even will organise flowers delivery.

The best new BMW 7 guide

As a result, to choose between the new seven series and a S-class is not on ordinary task. BMW 7 is coming closer than never before with comfort and luxury of the rear seats.
If your budget is unlimited, you can order everything that you can imagine. Starts from automatic air freshener (specially designed for new seven series) and 10 inch displays on back of the front seats, up to executive lounge-seats at rear with the full range position adjustments with the massage option, welcome light for carpets and with the star map highlighted sunroof.
There is Bowers & Wilkins music system with 14 inch speakers, 1400 Wt in total. Four zone climate control, cordless charging system for a smartphone, special interior lights built in pillars. For a full picture there is only missing the shower and possibly a poker table.

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