How Can I Spend Virtual Funds?

In order to add funds to your account, you should go to OPTIONS → Pro Account and buy as many points as you need. Current account information is displayed in the top right block of the purchase page and in popup.

How can you spend virtual funds?

1) Increase your account level and receive additional possibilities for your blog.

There are two account types you can create on MySpin – personal and commercial. Personal account (car owner account) can create blogs for any of its cars, but can’t place any commercial information. Commercial account (service center account) can’t create car blogs, but has the right to place commercial and advertising information in it.

Personal account has two levels: FREE and PRO.

Personal PRO account provides the following advantages:

  • Customize your profile’s look (upload your pattern for account page background, large photo on the user page, and slider at each of their car pages);
  • No advertisements in website sections;
  • Discount card;
  • Possibility to promote your car in the site header.

Commercial account has three levels: FREE, UPGRADE and PRO.

Commercial UPGRADE account provides the following advantages:

  • Contact information in user profile;
  • Personal messaging;
  • Unlimited amount of images on your page;
  • No advertising;
  • Discount card.

Commercial PRO account provides all the UPGRADE level advantages, plus:

  • Individual company profile look (upload your pattern for the page background, large image, and slider at the user page;
  • Addition of your news on to the main site page;
  • Possibility to become a club member;
  • Addition of a feedback form on your page that allows contacting the users directly from the website;
  • Portfolio – practically a gallery with a possibility of adding descriptions to the images;
  • Possibility of company promotion – placing of banner advertisements on the websites pages.

2) Buy additional advertisement for your account and draw more visitors to your page, thus increasing your rating.

You may activate this feature in OPTIONS → Promotion section.

Personal PRO account has the possibility of buying a period, during which the slider at the top of the website will be displaying your car’s image, leading users to its blog.

Commercial PRO account has the possibility of placing banners with your own advertisements on the website pages (including the Main Page), leading to your account profile.