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Fitted Friday II Report

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Last Friday Night marked the second Fitted Friday’s meet (dubbed the Mega Meet 2) for its venue at Sydney Dragway. You can always trust the boys at Built To Order, Queen Street and The-Lowdown to host a meet of epic proportions. Like always, word of mouth spread hard and fast and there was an abundance of modified cars of every discipline you could think of. Exotics, JDM, Classics and Muscle cars were all in attendance. Of course these boys used the opportunity to unveil not one but 2 brand new Liberty Walk Performance kitted cars to the masses of fans. All in all the meet went off without a hitch, with the boys pulling off some interesting theatrics for crowd.

From the very start of the show, you could see a wide range of exotics at the site. It promised to be a great night from the first minutes.


One of the participants was Van, who displayed his stunning builds at the store. He is a crowd favourite at any event and wherever he is in general.


Heasman brought their full Muscle and JDM cars arsenal out to the show. The 180 you see at the pic could pretty much end up a LS build. These guys are awesome.


If you want an auto show event to be great, you need some decent muscle cars. Now, isn’t this one cool?


Nico’s NSX enlightened the event as well. Every time you see the thing, it just keeps getting better and better.


This here is S15 that looked astounding already at the event. The owner, however, stated that he is going to upgrade it even more by adding horsepowers and exterior work. Will definitely be rad!


Han, as always, has presented us with an amazing FD of his. The guy clearly knows how to stand out on the road.


Built to Order crew has also visited the event with their amazing cars. The famed artisans showcased their high-end body work and wheels.


Ever heard of the gold plated drag cars? You haven’t? Well, you should’ve come to Fitted Friday II and check out the two Queen Street vehicles. Unbelievable, right?


This Battle Ship grey S15 might look timid and shy, but if you take a look beneath its skin, you’ll find an RB26 power house!


You could also see Brodie’s R34 GT-R at the show. He actually made it last minute – fortunately for him – and the hosts had an extra spot for his ride. What can we say? This GT-R is a real road beast!


If you would’ve attended Fitted Friday II, you would definitely see Australia’s first Liberty Walk Murcielago. It was showcased and hyped during the last Fitted Friday and it’s as outstanding as ever.


You like Porsche? You should have visited the event, if you do. Look at this fine piece – it’s a state of the art.


Fitted Friday II also had legendary classics and big power exotics showcased at the site. Here’s a Black R34, one of the show’s classics… and exotics.


This picture shows you the classic skyline 2000 GT. It’s really difficult to believe that there’s one in Sydney.


As the event went on, you were able to check out the Liberty Walk GT-R and Murcielago for the first time. Both of these exhibits would leave you amazed and speechless, but not the photos. Seeing them live would do the thing, however.


One of the great things about them is that they are sporting air bagged suspension courtesy of Airex.


These guys have put a lot of effort into making these vehicles ready for the show, which is obvious, when you see them live.


The venue was literally full of cars. As crowds were staying in awe, expecting for another car to strike their imagination, they were actually occupied with the cars that were right in front of them.


If you’re a regular visitor to Sydney’s auto shows, you will notice that there are regular participants, whose cars get better and better from time to time. Dayday’s BMW is one of those cars.


Paolo’s EK Civic is often considered a favourite by many visitors and, as you can see, the guy isn’t afraid of going low. This alone deserves respect.


This JDM Accessories S15 of Marcus’ hit the floor at the event. This was a special one, because it happened just a few days from Marcus’ wedding.


This matte orange EVO was a crowd favorite. Perhaps, because of the glowing, mysterious green headlights. The great thing about this one is that its owner – Shaun – actually made the lights on his own.


100% quality of this FUUARK S14 was driving crowds at the event crazy. The engine is just mean.


The first car to be revealed was the Liberty Walk GT-R. People were going nuts about it, surrounding and examining it from every corner. As you can see, since it was swarmed, it was quite difficult to get a clear shot of the car.


However, we finally got a clean shot of the miracle once we had a split second of a clear view.

Just a few minutes later, the Murcielago followed right in front of people’s eyes. Pure awe and delight, as you can see for yourself.


People were crazy about the cars. They held their smartphones up throughout the night, getting as clean shots as they could. This was absolutely fantastic. You don’t see anything, like this all too often. Kind of brings the good old Autosalon to the mind.

 In the end, here’s a good shot of the SVH Autobody owner, Sam. It is definitely a great feeling, when you have a chance to showcase all of your hard work in front of such a large crowd. If you haven’t caught up with the team names, here are some of them: The-Lowdown, Queen Street, Built to Order, and SVH, among other great teams. All of them put up a great show on the Fitted Friday II and let’s hope to see them on the next one with some more great stuff!

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