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Autorush 2014 Report

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Autorush 2014 has finally happened! It was held at the Dome at Sydney Olympic Park for 2 days. This was a spectacular show that has even brought memories of Autosalon in some visitors.

We are all pretty tired, so we really need to get quite a lot of rest, but you can enjoy our review of the event and let’s hope and pray that Autorush comes back next year in a louder, even more colourful fashion.


Here’s how the Dome looked early morning on the first day of the event.


Here’s the Zen Stand, located right next to the main stage. You can see a nice shiny GT-R here and the Acquired Taste mates.


The Dyno looked sleek and cool.



And this is the Hawkin’s JET200.



As you could’ve already guessed, the event was full of superb vehicles. Here’s a George Nova’s Lambo Grey RB26 powered S15. Looks nice and you can be sure that it drives even better, than it looks.



This is the myPlates award winner – Nico’s Maserati.



Heasman’s Steering WTAC S14 sponsored by the ZEN. Took home a trophy too.



And this is just a real blast from the past! Check out that TV screen in the boot. Some of the newer European vehicles come with larger screens nowadays.



If you wanted to see a STRATY car, here you go!



Check out this SV – superior of many other representatives on the Autorush 2014.



And here you though the show was all about the cars. Well, you were wrong. Check out the bikes!



Badboys. Plain and clear.



When we approached the Concept Garage stand, we were struck with the FATZED, which was actually in progress at the moment.



Just look at this Zen Sponsored Driver Trent Grubel and the Top Class Tyres WTAC WRX. You’d better  look out for this car (with Trent at the wheel) next year at WTAC!



This is the hero of the Autorush 2014 show - Top Class Tyres S2K.



One little road devil here – a little Honda Civic.



Ved’s superb R32 Golf.



All Motor S15. And this is pretty much all you can see either from the driver’s seat or from the outside.



A truly amazing Diablo.



Perfect party king – Cyber!



Another Cyber car. Just shockingly perfect and something that was clearly made in the future!



A nostalgic Osmans.



This R8 was all around Carbon.



Rear wheel drive V8 in this Hyundai Excel.



A lovely model.



If you wanted to see other bikes, than just choppers, this was the only piece at the show.



This S15 got a trophy for Rarest Rose. Check out this grey painting – a total killer in real life!



Lamborghini Huracán – the road predator.



A neat Golf R.



LB R35. Pure road madness.



Sleek, mad, and lovely!



Bet you’d so want to try this buggy out on the road.



Phat Wraps – right next to the Zen Stand.



End of the Day 2. The trophies are ready for the ceremony.



Acquired Taste chief got a trophy for his TR11PN EVO.



Angelo got a trophy for an EVO of his own too!



2 trophies won by Ved for his wiebody R32Golf. Great win for a great guy!



Here’s a closer look at one of Ved’s trophies.

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