Lamborghini to Release SUV in Italy

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Italian government intends to convince Lamborghini to release an SUV in Italy. The authorities are willing to provide the manufacturer with up to 100,000,000 euros in the form of tax breaks along with other privileges.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and the Lamborghini board took place on May 5 in Rome. The sides have agreed to conduct an additional meeting in a short time in order to come to consensus. Italian government’s initiative is associated with a desire to build a new enterprise within the country for the SUV’s assembling that will provide additional workplaces in it.

Conceptual Lamborghini Urus SUV has been demonstrated in spring 2012 on the Beijing motor show, after which company’s representatives have declared that it will possibly go on the conveyor in a few years. In May 2013, Lamborghini have green-lighted the new model and a year later it was reported that the Urus series’ manufacturing will be maintained on the Volkswagen’s concern enterprise in the Bratislava, Slovakia.

In Autumn 2014, it became known that the SUV launch project hasn’t received final approval from Audi, the parent company. The doubts about such vehicles’ manufacturing reasonability were associated with an unstable economic situation in the world and disturbances in Middle East.

In April, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann told in an interview that the SUV segment is still quite attractive for the company. According to him, he hopes that the final decision about such model’s production will be made in the nearest future. Previously, Italian brand’s representatives have claimed that the company intends to release up to 1,000 in a year, thus making Urus the most massive model in Lamborghini’s history.

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