Lamborghini Urus Still without Volkswagen’s Approval

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According to Andrea Baldi, the Lamborghini’s CEO in the Asian-Pacific region, the sports off-roader Lamborghini Urus is still waiting for the approval of its mother company to start serial production.

When asked about the possibility of the conceptual Urus off-roader’s transformation into a raised coupe before getting released in a series, Baldi answered that they have already taken a vacant place on the market. According to Baldi, a lot of premium brands have currently started developing personal off-roaders, using car market’s tendencies. But, Lamborghini Urus presented as a concept in 2012, might take a niche that is not yet existent. First of all, the car would have been more expensive, than Range Rover and BMW X6 and would perhaps compete with Rolls-Royce or Bentley. But, if these brands have design and luxury as their success base, which requires a particularly thorough care for the car’s cabin, the Urus stands out with its lightweight, sports character, and power.

It’s not clear, what holds Volkswagen from making the decision. Andrea Baldi is sure that the Urus should go into the serial production and he’s the person, who knows how fast off-roaders become popular in the USA. But, there’s also a huge potential for this model in India and China. The thing is that buyers in developing markets aren’t well familiar with the sports car culture. This is why a part of premium Chinese brands makes only 10% of what they have in the USA, despite the fact that the Asian market is the largest in the world today. The optimal decision here would be making the new audience familiar with the more habitual car class at first – off-roaders.

As of Urus’ manufacturing, Andrea Baldi would like to arrange it on the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, even though it hasn’t yet been approved.

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