Benvenuto nel club Lamborghini!

MySpin: Australian cars community MySpin 3 years ago

If you appreciate Lamborghini, you know and appreciate the Italian style.

So, you’re a Lamborghini fan and are looking for a place, where you can find enthusiasts, just like you. We’ll tell you something here – this is much more, than just a Lamborghini forum or online community. The Lamborghini Club welcomes all Lamborghini enthusiasts from Australia and other countries too. But, if you’re Aussie or just happen to live in or visit Australia, you’ve got a huge bonus, like offline events.

Lamborghini club on MySpin is meant to bring fellow Lamborghini enthusiasts in one place and build a strong, productive community. So, whether you’ve got a new Lamborghini car, your neighbor has put those sweet new disks on his Lamborghini vehicle, or you’ve seen some awesome tuning on a car that you passed by on the street, this is the place to share and discuss any of these.

All the Lamborghini car club members are called to improve the situation around Lamborghini cars in the world and Australia specifically. Each Lamborghini owner is able to share their experience and passion about these reliable and wonderful vehicles and meet Lamborghini enthusiast from all corners of the world in the same time.

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