BMW’s Eco Models Now “Listen” to Apple Watch

MySpin: Australian cars community MySpin 3 years ago

BMW has developed the i Remote mobile app for the “smart” Apple Watch. Using it, owners of the i3 electric car and the i8 hybrid will be able to access remote control of some of the car’s functions.

For example, the watch can display the information about the accumulator charge levels. Besides, the app will help finding out if any of the doors or luggage compartment are shut or not, and as well notify of low levels of braking liquid.

Moreover, i Remote allows controlling the climate plant from distance, so now owners can set the needed temperature in the cabin before the trip. The function as well can help the car’s owner find the road to their car on a large parking lot.

Finally, the watch can build an optimal route, if the BMW car owner decides to continue their way on feet due to traffic. In this case, the gadget will suggest the needed public transport routes.

BMW’s i Remote mobile app is already available for free download in the Apple iTunes Store.

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