German Mass Media on a New BMW’s Eco-Model

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BMW company management is discussing several types of doors and power plants for the new representative of their eco-line named “i5”. In particular, the company considers mounting the novelty with “gull-wing” type doors.

Herewith, the standard scheme with four regular doors is preferred the most by the Germans at the moment. BMW i5 will be similar in size to the current 3-Series sedan, but will differ from it with a more spacious cabin.

It is expected that the novelty will be offered with two power plant types. The completely electrical variant will be fitted with a 225-hp aggregate and a 75 kW-hr accumulator set. The electric car will be able to go up to 400 km with fully charged batteries.

Another power plant will include a 2-liter gasoline turbo engine that will be used for accumulator charge-up. Aggregate capacity of the plants will make 400 hp. BMW i5 production is expected to start in the mid-2015.

It’s been reported earlier that the Germans were considering the possibility of building a new eco-model based on a longer 5-Series version. This car may get a power plant similar to that of the i8 sports car. It will include a 1.5-liter 231-hp engine and the car’s axles will have an electric engine each. The hybrid’s prototype is expected to be shown in 2017.

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