BMW Dealer Gives a Car for Belief in an April’s Fool Joke

MySpin: Australian cars community MySpin 3 years ago

A BMW dealer in Auckland, NZ, has given a new 1-Series hatchback to a local dweller TIanna Marsh. The woman responded to the dealer’s announcement in The New Zealand Herald newspaper, which invited all the interested in exchanging their old car for a new one without extra pay, which turned out to be a joke.

Marsh was the first of customers, having come to the sales centre at 5:30 AM. She produced the coupon cut out of the newspaper and the manager has solemnly given her the keys from the new 1-Series hatchback. The woman claims that until the very last moment she didn’t believe that the dealer was truly going to give her the car for free.

Marsh also received the NOF00L license plate and a certificate for going through a BMW Driving Experience driving mastery course in addition to the car.

Marsh’s previous car, the 15 years old Nissan Avenir estate car, will be put out for an auction by the dealer. The money made from it will be transferred to the fund for children with limited physical possibilities.

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