The Swiss Fitted the BMW i3 with a Periscope

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Swiss company Rinspeed has presented a new prototype named Budii. One of the car’s unique features based on the BMW i3 electric car is the off-line control system, implemented via telescopic laser. It creates a 3D image of the surrounding area, sliding out at 70 cm above the roof.

Besides, area assessment is conducted by a high-resolution image camera. Data from these devices not only allow driving on autopilot, but as well adjust the pneumatic suspension in a 100-mm range according to particular road conditions.

Also, the car is fitted with a moving steering column. The wheel can be optionally located next to the drier or the passenger, and during the autopilot’s work, the unit compactly folds up in front of the seats. Hereby, according to the provided images, the pedal unit will always be located next to the person sitting at the left.

Rinspeed representatives noted that such steering column provides a limitless amount of possibilities for finding a comfortable place for the wheel’s location. Direct connection between the steering wheel and wheels is implemented through Paravan’s steer-by-wire technology. It supposes that the mechanical units of steering control are replaced with electronic analogs. Infiniti Q50 has a similar system implemented in it.

Moreover, in order to provide highest mobility of Budii passengers, there are two two-wheeled electric cars with helmets mounted in the rear part of the car’s cabin. They are placed on special retractable platforms.

The vehicle also received special retractable curtains on its windows, systems of “fellowship” with other vehicles and objects of the road infrastructure, automatic parking payment function, wireless gadget charger, LED headlights, and a system capable of learning and adjusting to owner’s riding preferences. Budii’s infotainment and audio systems were created by Harman.

Budii’s power unit output is 170 hp and 250 Nm of torque. The prototype accelerates from head start to 100 kph in 7.2 seconds, and its maximum velocity is 150 kph. The declared fuel distance of the concept is about 200 km.

On the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, Rinspeed presented the XchangE prototype based on the Tesla Model S electric sedan. That prototype also was fitted with an offline control system. It was called to demonstrate the way automobile interior may look in the future.

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