Porsche Cars to Learn Automatic Turns

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Porsche has started testing the innovative InnoDrive cruise control on its test field in Weissach, Germany. It automatically chooses the optimal velocity while passing turns, while the driver is only controlling the steering wheel, not pressing the gas pedal. Car and Driver publication that has tested the system, referred to it as “the most entertaining cruise control ever.”

A similar system, controlling the gearbox, is used in the Rolls-Royce Ghost. With the help of GPS data, the transmission can foretell driver’s actions and adapt to the road conditions. For example, the box is capable of choosing the gear before turns, descents, and ascents.

InnoDrive determines the optimal velocity based on GPS data on incline before entering the turn and the turn’s radius. Side overload in the turn is 0.5-0.7 g, depending on the mode selected by driver.

Porsche expect that InnoDrive will help to not just pass turns quickly, having cut time on the road by 2%, but will as well reduce fuel expence by 10%. The expense has to lower, because the system, unlike the driver, will be slowing down more accurately and smoothly before entering the turn, which will allow the car to enter and exit the turn at the optimal velocity, without excess acceleration that affects fuel expense.

InnoDrive system will appear on serial Porsche cars by 2020.

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