Porsche and Bentley – the Most Unreliable Used Cars

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Porshe and Bentley brands have taken the two lowest positions in the most reliable used cars on the UK market chart. The ninth annual research has been conducted by the “What Car?” edition in collaboration with the British insurance company Warranty Direct.

Last year’s research by “What Car?” and Warranty Direct has found Honda, Suzuki, and Hyundai to be the most reliable cars, while Toyota has received the 5th line in the chart. In general, 7 out of the first 10 cars in the chart have been Japanese. The 7th and 9th positions went to Chevrolet and Ford.

The chart has been compiled after the analysis of 50,000 active insurance policies on cars ages 3 to 8. The most reliable used cars have become the “Japanese” – Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota that have taken the first three lines of the chart that features a total of 37 manufacturers.

Car reliability index, as stated by the edition’s representatives, is calculated by a complex formula that considers the car’s age, its mileage, repairs cost, and number of breakdowns.

The most frequent malfunctions include electronics failure and suspension breakdown – about 22%, 34%, and 22% of cars respectively come to the service center with complaints about such defects. Air conditioners have the least problems – just about 3% of owners complain about them.

The most reliable models chart has Honda Jazz and Mitsubishi Lancer on its first lines. The least reliable model is Audi RS6, whose repair averagely costs £1,003.

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