Porsche to Release a Hydrogen Model

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Porsche is going to release a new model with a hydrogen-based power plant. The development of this novelty has been confirmed by the head of Volkswagen’s research and developments department Ulrich Hackenberg during the Volkswagen’s press conference.

Besides, Porsche is planning to release an electric car. It is assumed that it is going to be a completely new model that will take one step lower behind Panamera. This model is currently referred to as Pajun within the company. The manufacturer reckons that at the time of its debut – 2018-2019 – the accumulators will be allowing driving 350-400 km without charging.

Volkswagen’s novelty of the latter brand will be built on the MQB module platform, since this architecture was initially developed for the adaptation of various types of power plants, including those on fuel cells.

It is yet unknown when the hydrogen Volkswagen’s cars are to appear.

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