Nissan Gripz SUV concept revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show

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Sporty-looking Nissan Gripz crossover SUV is unveiled fully, featuring huge 22-inch wheels and scissor doors

This is the Nissan Gripz Concept, a high-riding 2+2 sports crossover that has just been revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Infused with some of Nissan’s famous Z car DNA, the Gripz demonstrates where Nissan, as a pioneer of the crossover segment, could take it next.

Proportionally the Gripz is shorter than a Juke, but wider and lower. The Japanese manufacturer has taken a lot of inspiration from racing bicycles as well as the original Z car, the 240Z, which was first revealed at the same motor show 46 years ago.

The cascading roofline gives it a hint of the classic 60’s sportscar. “We’re not trying to be retro, but take inspiration from the past,” Giovanny Arroba, Senior Creative Manager at Nissan told Auto Express.

Nissan Gripz SUV concept revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show

Elsewhere, there are clear links to the manufacturer’s previous Motor Show stars such as the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo and Sway Concept, see in the dominant V-motif grille and boomerang LED headlamps. Although there are no official plans for the Gripz to make it directly into production, the ducktail spoiler and angular body armor like panels are part of a future design language from Nissan.

“There was no brief for us to design the next Juke or Z car, it’s only a design study,’ added Arroba. “Nissan is a leader in the SUV segment, we need to explore how we keep that leadership.”

Enormous three-spoke, 22-inch carbon fibre wheels and dramatic scissor doors are likely to remain a concept car fantasy, but Arroba explains part of the aim was to "make a crossover that pulls at your emotions. Why can’t it be more lustful, an object of beauty?"
Inside, the Gripz has a 2+2 interior layout, but is "still absolutely a sports car." The seats have been fashioned out of synthetic leather, while carbon fibre, exposed metal and aluminium are also used in its construction. The three-spoke, retro steering wheel is also a nod the classic 240Z, while the seats and saddle-style centre console are based on those from racing bikes.
Nissan Gripz SUV concept revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show

The Gripz also takes advantage of Nissan’s experience in EV technology, using a Pure Drive e-Power system made up of a petrol engine which is used to power the same electric motor found in the Nissan Leaf.

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