The Rare Nissan GT-R Valued at $575,000

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The-Lowdown website has published an announcement regarding the rare 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R sports car sale that was tuned by the brand’s Nismo factory workshop. The coupe with a Z-Tune prefix in its name is the first of 19 such cars released by Nismo. One of the buyers offered $575,000 for the car.

Nissan GT-R Z-Tune NISMO is a special Skyline GT-R series in the R34 body, prepared in 2005 in honor of 20 years of the factory atelier. Since the car’s been withdrawn from production 3 years before this, Nismo had reacquire the cars from their owners. The company managed to get 12 of these cars, while, according to the deal’s conditions, each of the cars should’ve had mileage of maximum 30,000 km. 7 other cars have been tuned by their owners. The 20th car hasn’t been bought or even found.

Nismo specialists have increased the volume of the standard twin-turbo engine from 2.6 liters to 2.8 liters and replaced the regular turbines with the racing ones from the GT-R GT500 model that participated in the Japanese touring championship. As a result, the engine capacity has increased up to 500 hp. Four-wheeled sports car accelerates from head start to 100 kph in 4 seconds.

It is yet unspecified, when the Nissan GT-R Z-Tune NISMO orders will not be received anymore, as well as the name of the car’s owner. The-Lowdown administration redirects all the offers to him or her directly.

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