Glowing Leaf Electric Car from Nissan

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Nissan’s European department has presented the Leaf electric car that is covered with a special paint that glows in the dark. The Japanese brand stated that such technology is already being used by third-party companies and tuning studios for quite some time, but none of the manufacturers have officially used it on their models until now.

The composition of Leaf’s glowing coating includes strontium aluminate – a bright-color biologically and chemically inert solid substance without scent. The coating is collecting ultraviolet rays during the day and then glows in the evening. According to Nissan, the technology was developed by inventor Hamish Scott, who previously invented the StarPath spray. It has a similar composition and is meant for covering roads and pavements.

It is yet unknown, if Nissan is planning to offer this paint as an option for Leaf. The company just outlined, “This is our unique paint, and if it ever becomes available for ordering, it would serve you for 25 years.”

Nissan Leaf is being sold since 2010. At the moment, over 150,000 of these electric cars were sold across the world. The vehicle is equipped with an electric engine, developing up to 109 hp, and a set of Li-Ion accumulators with a capacity of 24 kilowatt-hours. European version has 199 km of fuel distance. Japanese and American market modifications can ride for 228 km without recharging.

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