FIA Forbids Ferrari’s Injection System

MySpin: Australian cars community MySpin 3 years ago

Last week, Sebastian Fettel hinted that Ferrari’s engine are inferior in qualification to the Mercedes’s power plants. The German pilot stated that both the factory team and the Stuttgart concern’s clients manage to get much more potential out of engine’s work mode.

According to F1-Insider, the reason is that back in China FIA has forbidden Ferrari to use the system that provided 20 additional hp in qualification in Scuderia. This was achieved with a special injection system that had been increasing the fuel injection speed for a short period. As of now, it is considered illegal.

However, Mercedes uses a similar principle, but based on software, which is approved by the FIA. This is why in qualification Mercedes use a more aggressive cartography that provides additional 40 hp. During the race, the separation between the teams shortens, since Mercedes have a more conservative approach in order to maintain the power plant resource, so the advantage ultimately makes 20 hp.

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