Mass Media Report a Massive Ferarri LaFerrari Recall

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Ferrari is about to recall 499 copies of the LaFerrari super-hybrid car because of a possible issue in the fuel system.

Ferrari LaFerrari is fitted with a 963-hp hybrid power plant with a 6.3-liter V12 aspirated engine with 800 hp, 120 kW electric engine, seven-step “robot” gearbox with two couplings and a set of Li-Ion batteries. The superhybrid can accelerate to 100 kph from head start in just 3 seconds, and its maximum velocity is 350 kph.

According to preliminary data, the Italian manufacturer intends to coat the fuel tanks with a new insulating covering that doesn’t conduct electricity. It is suggested that the maintenance campaign is to be conducted in order to avert the probability of ignition’s beginning.

It’s been reported in Summer 2014 that during the ascension on the Trento Bondone hill in Italy one of the participating LaFerrari’s had to withdraw from the race due to overheating. At that time, some of the spectators were saying that they saw smoke and suspicious outbursts from the supercar’s engine sections.

Ferrari refused to confirm the global LaFerrari recall, having stated that the manufacturer intends to conduct certain upgrades of the fuel tank in terms of the planned maintenance. Herewith, a representative of one of the Italian brand’s German dealers has sent an image depicting a partially disassembled supercar to Autoblog, having noted that the maintenance can take a few weeks.

In 2010, Ferrari has been recalling all 1,248 copies of the 458 Italia supercar due to the threat of spontaneous ignition as well. The reason turned out to be heating of glue that was used during the assemblage of rear wheel arches. During driving in hot weather, burning hot elements of the exhaust system could cause glue ignition.

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