Future F-1 Bolide from Ferrari

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Ferrari F-1 team has published images of a conceptual bolide that demonstrate how future racing cars could look like. Rendered images have appeared on the threshold of world championship commission meeting in Geneva, where they will discuss new rules, aimed onto the creation of more powerful and beautiful cars for the 2016’s season.

The concept was being developed by Ferrari designers in collaboration with the Formula-1 aerodynamics department. As a result, even despite the futuristic look, the bolide still responds to the main technical requirements applied to the current race cars.

As specified by Autosport, the concept is a team’s response to McLaren and Red Bull designer works that have already showed their vision of future bolides to the F-1 strategic group. Their cars’ images haven’t yet been published, but they are thought to look not as futuristic, as the Italian stable’s car.

Ferrari’s team showed its 2015 season vehicle in the end of January. The car kept its previous black and red coloring, but received a new nose dome and an Alfa Romeo logo on the front.

In 2015, team’s pilots are going to be Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. The first Grand Prix of the season will take place in Australia in the middle of March.

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